G-litter born 2016-05-12

4 Females-8 Males

                                              Nero d´Avola´s Chili             X      Spirit Of Kunduz Calvino

                                       Hd: A Ed:0 Knee:0                        Hd:B/C Ed:0

                                                                                                                Hungarian Junior Champion

Nero d´Avola´s  Gold Standard

Nero d´Avola´s  Good As Gold

Nero d´Avola´s  Golddiger                                Export: Denmark

Nero d´Avola´s  Get Ready to Rumble

Nero d´Avola´s  Golden Boy                             

Nero d´Avola´s  Gilbert Grape

Nero d´Avola´s  Google My Name

Nero d´Avola´s  Gollum                                     Export: Denmark

Nero d´Avola´s  Grey Steel

Nero d´Avola´s  Greta Garbo

Nero d´Avola´s  Go Fantasma

Nero d´Avola´s  Gasolina                                    Export: Denmark



                                                    F-Litter born 2015-07-19

                                                           6 Males


                                  Maxento to Nero d´Avolas           x         Wind of Glory Della Valle dei Lord

                                  Hd:B Ed:1 Knee:0 Mentaldescribtion      Hd:B Ed:0

                                  Multi winner ,Multi ch,C.I.B                      Multi Ch

Nero d´Avola´s Fifty Shade of Black

Nero d'Avola's  Full Of surprise

Nero d'Avola's  First Choise                              Export: Norway

Nero d'Avola's  Fire in my Soul

Nero d´Avola´s Fast and Furious                       Export : Denmark

Nero d'Avola's Fair Games






                                                         E-Litter born 2015-03-17

                                                            5 Females-5 Males

                                      Amberland Carnera Primo     X     Nero d´Avola´s Chili

                                                     Hd: B Ed:0 Cal:1 Cal:2                     Hd: A Ed:0 Knee:0 Mentaldescribtion

                                            Multi Ch,Multi Junior Ch                                                     

Nero d´Avola´s  El habanero              Hd: B       Ed: 1

Nero d'Avola's   Eye Catcher             Hd: B/D    Ed: 0

Nero d'Avola's   Eyes on Me              Hd: A       Ed: 0

Nero d'Avola's   E-Typ                       Hd: C       Ed: 1

Nero d´Avola´s  Especial Edition       Hd:C/D    Ed: 1

Nero d'Avola's   Energina la Luna     Hd: C/B   Ed: 0/1

Nero d'Avola's   Elite Espreza           Hd: B       Ed: 0

Nero d'Avola's  Envy Me                   Hd: A       Ed: 0

Nero d´Avola´s Eye Candy               Hd: B       Ed: 0

Nero d´Avola´s Easy going Elsa       Hd: D       Ed: 1

                                                        D-Litter born 2014-01-21

                                                           4 Females-5 Males


                                        Sforza Heron                  x       Maxento To Nero d´Avolas              

                                        Hd: C Ed: 0                             Hd:B Ed:1 Knee:0 Mentaldescribtion

                                         Champion                               Multi winner,Multi Ch, C.I.B



Nero d´Avola´s Daddy-Yankee              Hd:CEd:0

Nero d'Avola's  Don Juan                      Hd:BEd:0 Mh: Done Other:Bloodtracking approved.

Nero d'Avola's  Deja Vu                         Hd:AEd:0

Nero d'Avola's  Dolce Gabbana             (R.I.P)

Nero d´Avola´s Diablo Nero                  

Nero d'Avola's Dynamit Girl                   Hd:AEd:0/3

Nero d'Avola's Diva En Una Palabra                            Export:Serbia              

Nero d´Avola´s Dressed In Gold                                  Export:Finland  (R.I.P)

Nero d'Avola's  Dressed for Success                           Export: Denmark.



  C-Litter born 2012-06-13

                                                          7 Females-4 Males


                           Shadow Of The Monster Atos Brasco     x          Maxento To Nero d´Avolas               

                                Hd:B Ed: 0                                                           Hd:B Ed:1 Knee:0 Mentaldescribtion

                           C.I.B,Multi Ch,Multi winner                                   Muti winner,Multi Ch, C.I.B


Nero d´Avola´s Casanova       Hd:C Ed:0 Knee:0 Mh:Done Other:Se-Ch,Dk-Ch,No-Ch,Nord-Ch,


Nero d'Avola's  Clyde              Hd: Ed:0 Mh:Done  Ocd: Free Other:Dk-Ch,Heirst-Sieger,Se-Ch

                                                Gb-Ch Export: Denmark

Nero d'Avola's  Casino            Hd:A Ed:0  Mh:Done Other: BPH,Lp:1,Lp:2  (R.I.P) 

Nero d'Avola's  Calvin             Hd:Ed:Mh:Done 

Nero d´Avola´s Clara               Hd:B/A Ed:1/0 Knee: 0 Ocd: Free Mh:DoneOther: Se-Ch,Dk-Ch,KBHW-14

                                                 Sww-14,Bloodtracking Champion-15, No-Ch,Nord-Ch

Nero d'Avola's Cleopatra         Hd:A Ed: Mh:Done Other:

Nero d'Avola's  Chili                 Hd:A Ed:0  Knee:Mh:Done Other: 1 Cac,1 Cacib, 1 Bos

Nero d´Avola´s Cruella            Hd: B Ed:0

Nero d'Avola's  Citronella        Hd:A Ed:0  

Nero d´Avola´s Clementine     Hd:A Ed:0  

Nero d´Avola´s Carmen          Hd:B Ed: 


                                                        B-Litter born 2010-01-23

                                                              1 Female-6 Males


                     Such,Nordjv-07 Jago del rosso malpelo            X            Stellas

                      Mentaldescribtion                                                          Hd B Ed 0 Knee 0 Eyes Clear

                      Hd: B                                                                     Mentaldescribtion

                                                                                                                   Show:4 cq,1 cac,1,Bob 

Nero d'Avola's Breaking The Rules    Hd:D Ed:3

Nero d'Avola's Bring It On

Nero d'Avola's Bandito Out Of Jago   Hd:A Ed:0 Mh:Done

Nero d'Avola's Beat You Down           Hd:A Ed: 0 Knee: 0 Eyes:Clear Mh: Done Other: 1 Cac 1 BOB

Nero d'Avola's Bad To The Bone        Hd:C Ed:0 Mh:Done Other:Bloodtracking approved.

Nero d´Avola´s Burning outlaw           Hd:C Ed:1/0 Mh:Done  (R.I.P)

Nero d'Avola's Baby She's Got It        Hd:B Ed:0 Mh:Done




                                                        A-Litter born:2008-04-18

                                                               5 Females-3 Males



                             Such Lp1,Lp2 Ladylufs Darius               X                        Stellas

                             Hd:A  Ed:0                                                                        Hd:B  Ed:0 Eyes:Clear Knee:0

                             Mentaldescribtion                                                             Mentaldescribtion

                             Aproved apitude test service dog                                     Show:4 cq,1 cac,1 Bob      

                             Working CC Of the year 2008    

Nero d'Avola's Akilles       Hd: A Ed:0 Eyes:Clear Mh: Done

Nero d'Avola's Aragon      Hd:A Ed:0 Mh: Done Other:BPH,Bloodtracking approved

Nero d'Avola's Arthourius

Nero d'Avola's Ancona

Nero d'Avola's Alectrona  Hd:A Ed:Mh: Done Titles:LP:1 ,RLD N,RLD F,RLD A,RLD M, Se-Uch

Nero d'Avola's Athena      Hd:B Ed:0  (R.I.P)

Nero d'Avola's Anemone

Nero d'Avola's Artemis                       (R.I.P)